Follower counts are vestigial.

We must remove public follower counts. The sooner the better. The bloggers are coming.


@GinnyMcQueen Looks like this is happening on Thanks for the great suggestion. 😊


@abentleywrites @GinnyMcQueen @nolan

I'm certainly open to this idea. You can voice your opinion here: in the main repo. If they decide to go forward with it, I'll pull in the changes :)

@asm @abentleywrites @nolan Considering the amount of harassment I got from even mentioning it BECAUSE of my follower count, I'm not going to be going anywhere else to talk about it any time soon.

@GinnyMcQueen @asm @abentleywrites users are almost unanimously in favor of this feature, and a majority of us are web developers/designers. We'll very likely submit a PR soon.

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