@asm Howdy,

I've been having a lot of problems posting to the server over the last few days. Getting 500 error.

Each post had an image attached, including a failed attempt only a minute or so ago.

I'll see if this posts with text only.

Just thought I'd let you know.


Following up - I see that in the last few minutes a couple of other accounts here posted with images - so I tried again and again received a 500 error... arrrgh ;)

Anyway, thanks in advance for any help here.



@DrewJensen Hrm, I just did a quick test and didn't encounter any issues. Is the image you're trying to post really big? There might be a limit...

No, it is 330K.

3 days ago it started, I would try to post and get the error, than wait and try again (maybe a half hour between) and it would go through, day before yesterday it took three tries before it went through, but yesterday and now today I can't post at all with an attachment (tried at least half dozen times so far).

Just tried again, same problem here - I emailed you a screen shot with the error display.

Thanks again

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