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Uber fires head of self-driving car unit amid lawsuit over stolen Google secrets #guardian #news

I had a hushed conversation with a friend last week about what our politics *really* were. I'm not sure I described mine well, but I said that I sincerely believed that the best mechanisms for preventing tragedy and externalities had the form, not of coercive systems, but of distributed and consensual mechanisms: like language, and markets and loving relationships, and I wanted to work to improve and make more of those.

So, I wrote this thing about how Gizmodo phished the White House and bragged about it...apparently without thinking about the legal implications of trying to phish people...

We are excited to share @johns_FSF won an @OReillyMedia Open Source Award at #OSCON! Congrats to the winners and thanks for your great work!

Let's hope moves out of Austin before Texas becomes even more hostile to outsiders in September:

Visit us at #OSCON and buy your scarf supporting #freesoftware, us, the @conservancy, and @OpenSourceOrg. Join us for a group photo Thursday!
There Are No “Macron Leaks” in France. Politically Motivated Hacking Is Not Whistleblowing. #intercept #news
Paul Ryan’s Spokesperson Can’t Be Bothered Coordinating Her Lies About Trumpcare With the White House’s Lies #intercept #news

Just spent some time deciding who More United should help win seats in the UK General Election - you could join in too,

The UK government aims to ban encryption via a covert regulation outside Parliament. Please support the Open Rights Group; without them you probably wouldn't know until it was too late.

Basking in the pleasure of being critised by both pro- and anti-GPL closed minds because I said something nuanced.

Is the GNU GPL “dying” or is that just the prejudice of those whose open source exploitation would be hampered by its use?

Back in Barcelona again for a few days of software freedom law geekery.

At @USPTO event, lobbyists claim it's OK to give users the impression they "own" ebooks that publishers can arbitrarily delete thru #DRM.

Rather than just complaining, I'm supporting More United as a meaningful way to bring progressive values to British politics. Will you join me?

“I’m not going to be calling a snap election. I’ve been very clear that I think we need that period of time, that stability, to be able to deal with the issues that the country is facing and have that election in 2020.” - Theresa May, September 2016

If you use one account for everything, you may not be seeing the full breadth of Mastodon. Get an account on an art instance, watch the cool art fly by the local timeline. Get an account on a French instance, bone up on your high school French. Make an instance for your coworkers, talk shop.

I don't wear swim trunks to work, I don't wear a suit to the pub, and I don't wear cargo shorts to my sister's wedding. Apply that to Mastodon and you might find it's quite natural. Decentralize yourself! 😁

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