@schestowitz It's not, because OSI does not sell participation. We have designed the Sponsor program so no Sponsor threatening to leave causes sufficient harm to give them leverage. So I feel perfectly free to point out that Microsoft still taxes the embedded Linux market using patent threats.

// @fsfe

Also: I was free to offer Opensource.Com that article because I'm supported by Patreon patrons rather than depending on artificial scarcity to pay the bills. Red Hat only take free content, they don't pay authors, which I guess is why corporate placements like yesterday's by Facebook's outside counsel are common.

@craigmaloney Their PatentLeft license is actually quite interesting. If they were to make it community friendly (i.e. not Facebook-specific) and get it OSI-approved, it could have a substantial impact. I've an upcoming Linux Magazine column about it!

Red Hat's opensource.com published a piece by Facebook's attorney Heather Meeker yesterday that was fairly scornful of concerns about the React + Patent Grant license they are using for React and almost every other open source project. Facebook's patentleft license may be legal but the way they did it is very community-hostile.

Delightfully, Red Hat agreed to publish my response explaining that.


No, using open source doesn't automatically mean "going it alone" and blaming the community when you do and you fail is plain wrong. meshedinsights.com/2017/09/11/

@cwebber They also had a responsibility towards IBM they had to satisfy. // @lnxw48a1 @craigmaloney

@lnxw48a1 No, they were cut off when Oracle closed the source a while back. Any life they still have will be unaffected.

With the core Solaris team laid off, here's Oracle's score card on how it did with Sun.

My regular reminder that I now only have Patreon as regular income from wriitng and consulting. I have a bunch of lovely backers and every one is keeping me on-air. patreon.com/webmink

1997: The Information Superhighway will equalize all knowledge and enable a global community of peace.

2017: The car wash wants to kill you.


TDF decided to leave deploymentm of LibreOffice Online to its community. So I am delighted to see Kolab Systems AG are now offering LibreOffice Online as part of their Kolab Now offering.

If you wish G Suite was build as open source software & hosted without the concerns of Google's business model or of US ownership, this is a solution you should definitely consider.


Facebook's BSD+Patent license combo fails not because of the license itself but because it ignores the deeper nature of open source and software freedom.


Why is having a patent license until you commence litigation worse than not having one at all? New addition to my Apache vs Facebook overview:


The Apache Software Foundation has moved the “Facebook BSD+Patent grant” license combination (FB+PL) to its “Category X” licensing list, effectively banning inclusion of any software under FB+PL from Apache projects. That included RocksDB, which has consequently just dropped FB+PL and added the Apache License v2 on Github.

Keeping track here:

"You're a #Mastodon user, huh? Sorry, that's not included in our Big Social™ bundle, so if you want to keep tooting it will cost you $9.99 more per month."


This Withings-wrecked-by-Nokia story is exactly the thing that triggered the software freedom movement

Individual judgement about the presence of software freedom in a license is not the same as community consensus expressed through OSI approval.


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