Simon Phipps

Red Hat's published a piece by Facebook's attorney Heather Meeker yesterday that was fairly scornful of concerns about the React + Patent Grant license they are using for React and almost every other open source project. Facebook's patentleft license may be legal but the way they did it is very community-hostile.

Delightfully, Red Hat agreed to publish my response explaining that.

@webmink This. It seems everyone that defends this seems too miss this point. Facebook is putting their thumb on the scale to prevent patent litigation and using React's popularity to do that.

I think software patents are an abomination anyway but the way Facebook is handling this is disingenuous at best.

@craigmaloney Their PatentLeft license is actually quite interesting. If they were to make it community friendly (i.e. not Facebook-specific) and get it OSI-approved, it could have a substantial impact. I've an upcoming Linux Magazine column about it!

@webmink Facebook doing something outside of their best interests is not something I'd pin my hopes 😂

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