#FOSS: On the Road to Nowhere


I find it funny how all the contraddictions described here or at motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art suddenly disappear if you stop considering FOSS a thing and distinguish #FreeSoftware from #OpenSource.

We have talked about this before @webmink: they overlaps only at legal level, but on all other dimensions they are totally different.

#OSS is a #marketing tool.
#FS is an expression of #hackers #ethics.

They're orthogonal but can work together.


@mediumchat You should be aware that everything you've been told in the thread is just opinion, and unhelpful, divisive opinion at that.

"Open source" and "Free software" are both terms that relate to the same concept, software freedom. Some people like to pick fights over them instead of the real challenges to our freedom like proprietary software, DRM, software patents and locked-down hardware. The adults in the room stopped picking fights over "free vs open" at least a decade ago.

Thanks for the heads-up! Looks like I still have a lot to learn and to borrow from an old saying, "I should do my own research" .

I'm so glad now all adults agree that it's a matter of human rights, and that proprietary software should be eliminated. now, what do we do about all the kids and corps who proclaim open source as if it weren't so?
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