@liw “The Ferengi are hailing us.”
“Uh… we can't, they're using a proprietary codec and the licence isn't compatible with Federation law.”
“Can we install it anyway? Under one of the diplomacy directives.”
“Nnnooo, looks like we'd need to upgrade the ship's processing core. Or maybe downgrade. Possibly both.”
“Ah screw it, just open fire.”

Care about censorship, blocking, surveillance and other digital rights issues? Within reach of London? ORGcon is THE event for you, on July 13 and featuring a great speaker line-up. There are still some tickets, get yours now!

LibreOffice Online works pretty well now, so it may be time for your org to try it instead of {GSuite, Office 365, nothing}. There's a free workshop at OW2Con in Paris next week, come along.


Last year, we released two major new versions of LibreOffice, along with 14 bugfix versions as well. Learn more in our Annual Report: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl – And help us to make 2019 another great year with a donation: libreoffice.org/donate/ – thank you!

OSI has a new President! I'm very pleased to be handing OSI over to a new generation of leaders.

The EU will vote on the #CopyrightDirective during the March 25 week session, likely on March 27. That leaves you with only a few days to contact your MEP to insist that they vote against it. saveyourinternet.eu

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It’s VERY IMPORTANT that we start calling the Year 2038 bug, where 32-bit Unix time overflows, The Epochalypse. Plz spread.

The thinking behind the Copyright Directive is not too worried about most of the actual creators – just the big-money ones. They’re keen to preserve a retired superstar's pension but not too bothered about my income, because only one of those makes the publisher rich.


The software and wireless technology worlds are heading for a confrontation over patents in standards. My new paper explains the problem of FRAND-licensed patents in standards in terms of innovation flow and resulting market worldviews, rather than reducing down to an argument over legalities, since the legalities turn out to merely be an expression of the underlying worldview.

The sickos on Slashdot who harassed OSI's Board candidates will be unhappy, but the rest of us are thrilled the electorate has picked an all female cohort to the new Board. opensource.org/node/974

If you are an OSI member or Affiliate and left it late to vote you may have found the polls closed early. This was an error - they have been re-opened for an extra day. Go vote right now!

Inexplicably excited to discover my laptop actually has an IPv6 connection via my ISP to the web.

Software Freedom Conservancy continues to have a profound effect on the world of free, open source software both through its work sustaining important projects and by engaging more widely on topics of general concern. OSI is delighted to welcome them as an Affiliate and looks forward to working with them to promote software freedom.


On the new Linux Foundation "Community Bridge":

"Historically, fiscal sponsors in FOSS have not treated each other as competitors. ... The launch of this platform, as proprietary software, without coordination with the rest of the FOSS organization community, is unnecessarily uncollaborative with our community"


Don't try to use FLOSS Weekly to market your parasitic proprietary offering or this will happen to you too (around 40 mins in)


The most common reason a clever new open source licensing or governance hack is wrong is a lack of appreciation for the role and value of community.

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