The European Commission has funded an open source project to create a Gateway between the ActivityPub and XMPP PubSub Protocols, and E2EE on PubSub

From goffi: "it's my pleasure to announce that an ActivityPub XMPP gateway doubled with Pubsub end-to-end encryption project has been selected for a grant by NLNet/NGI0 Discovery Fund (with financial support from European Commission's Next Generation Internet programme)".
The XMPP ActivityPub gateway will join two major open and decentralised protocols. In practice it will be a XMPP server component (usable with any server), and implement the ActivityPub server to server protocol (or "Federation Protocol"). On XMPP side, it will be mostly a Pubsub service (with some extra, like private messages converted to XMPP message stanza).
XMPP blogging (XEP-0277: Microblogging over XMPP) will be used, and thus any client supporting it will have access to ActivityPub publications (Libervia and Movim for instance).

The UK government wants to authorise the NFI to cross-reference data between agencies so they can "detect more fraud" (and likely make the Hostile Environment more Hostile). There's a survey open until Wednesday. Full details:

Google's use of the Java programming language in Android was fair use, and the people (still) trying to persuade you otherwise are gaslighting you.

Having spent a decade being told that a function prototype is the same thing as the code that implements it, the SCOTUS ruling in Google v Oracle finally ends the gaslighting for open source programmers.

Found online:

"Alpha Male", the early version of a male, before testing and bug fixes. Unstable and not suitable for the public.

Very balanced take on the #Stallman debate:
I do not agree with all of it, but I can get behind the criticism of specific passages in the open letter and the judgment on the fitness for leadership of rms is shared.

Good summary of the situation at Nominet explains why their response to members has been tone deaf and proposing what ought to happen now.

Instead of excessively high director pay they should convert to a CIC and invest in the UK's use of open technologies like NL.Net has done.

I'm pleased to have been invited to help AlmaLinux create a truly community-centric non-profit as the home to their new CentOS successor that's released today.

What restrictions will FSF place on the staff member added to its board? Can they speak? Can they vote? Can they take notes? What can they report out and to whom?

Lots of saddos trying to make it a "woke vs bloke" hatefest, but the issue at is a leadership failure this time compounding a straightforward failure to evolve last time. Let's focus on root and branch reform of FSF governance for everyone's sake.

did you know that fsf staff are unionized? would you be surprised to learn that the reason the union was formed was to protect staff from rms?

everyone at fsf: rms please don't step on that rake
rms: *immediately steps on that rake*
fsf leadership: there is no way to prevent this

For whatever it's worth, I did not support the decision to reinstate RMS. I made my arguments and placed my opposing vote; while I was glad I was able to do that I regret not being able to turn the decision the other way.

I was very pleased last decade when OSI finally found ways to work with FSF to promote software freedom, but today I endorse OSI's position suspending that co-operation.

OSI statement on RMS re-appointment:
"We will not participate in any events that include Richard M. Stallman and we cannot collaborate with the Free Software Foundation until Stallman is removed from the organization’s leadership. "


The focus on the blog this week has been OSPOs, so the team has rounded up all the recent articles on the subject.

A draft scorecard for determining if a software project is open as bait for a business pivot or genuinely keeping your freedoms protected.

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