At work I've been looking for a simple phrase to define the generally-accepted meaning of "open" in a technology context. How about:

It's "open" if the work product can be used, improved and shared for any purpose without obstruction or required negotiation.


@deejoe Did you see the post on how @webmink promotes the use of "viral" to describe proprietary software?

You add some free software to your software? You're still free to give it to anyone you like[0].

Add some proprietary software? Now your whole thing is contaminated and you need to sanitize it before you can give anyone the source.…

Crazy thing is, this was pretty much AT&T's business model for Unix.


Crazy thing is, this was pretty much AT&T's business model for Unix.


I have just been informed that Apple has actually changed its version number for the first time in...a very long time. Big Sur is macOS 11.

Truly RIP OSX.

LibreOffice community members and certified developers are crafting LibreOffice 7.0, the next major version! It's due in early August – so if you have some technical knowledge, you can help to test the beta releases and make it a rock-solid release:

Back in 2016 paid for the public security audit of Matrix's E2E encryption by an absolutely critical step for Matrix. Today, OTF is under attack. Please help save them for the sake of the Internet. #SaveInternetFreedom #SaveOTF

IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft have admitted the harms that face surveillance in the hands of police cause to vulnerable communities. What more does Congress need to hear before they ban government use of this dangerous tech?

With Brad Smith's confession that Microsoft got it wrong about open source, are they now aligned with their peers? Is that enough?

Turns out stress has more consequences than I thought. I knew about the grey hair and suspected about the greater risk of illness, but some of the others are eye opening.

"As on impeachment, Trump cannot spin his way out of a self-made disaster on Syria, cannot distract the media and cannot control Congress’s reaction. When deprived of scapegoats and the ability to distract the media, Trump melts down. He cannot acknowledge fault nor ignorance nor gullibility. Hence, like a toddler, he pitches a fit. One wonders what he will do when the House actually votes on impeachment."

LibreOffice 6.2.8 is now available – it's the last release of the 6.2 family, and includes various bugfixes and compatibility improvements. Learn more and download it:

Learn more about the technology in LibreOffice! We've uploaded eight more video presentations from our recent conference in Almeria, Spain:

We hope you're enjoying all the new features in LibreOffice 6.3 – but we're already working on LibreOffice 6.4! Join us on Monday October 21 for a Bug Hunting Session, to iron out any wrinkles before the final release in February next year:

We've created a page explaining the COSM project, which has crowdfunded the release of the ODF 1.3 specification.

I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival. ~ Audre Lorde

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