Took while this stumbling home from the pub last night because the glow in the sky looked fantastic.

The youth of Stratford seem to have found a new hobby. 🛒

Good work opening the charity shop and everything, but I’m not sure I want to support homelessness and addiction.

Well. Not sure I was expecting this crossover in Better Call Saul.

Finished season 1 of Slow Horses today, ended up really enjoying it and pleased to see season 2 is on the way.

It seems to be a reoccurring theme with a lot of AppleTV+ stuff that you need to watch a few episodes before a series really starts to bite.

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Here is a book that I thought to be entertaining for the kids but which is actually exhaustingly serious:

Arcade Game Typography
The Art of Pixel Type
(Toshi Omagari)

It is totally from the POV of the fonts.

#retrogaming #typography

So, an

I'm a bald, bearded, podgy, middle-aged man. But I'm guessing that description doesn't narrow things down much here, so let's keep going

I'm a content designer with an interest in (I don't claim to be an expert - but who trusts self-proclaimed experts anyway?)

I enjoy (more interested in talking about them than playing tbh)

My nerd claim to fame is giving Steve Ballmer his monkey boy nickname

I also have a season ticket

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You can still get the amazing #ZXSpectrum 40th birthday computer game bundle for 2 more days. It's raised nearly $5,000 for the charity Special Effect so far, which I say is absolutely amazing for a bunch of games for a 40 yr old computer! Great Speccy games in the bundle (also, one of mine in it called Chopper Defence) and it's for a good cause.


#retrocomputing #retrogaming

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I think if Rees Mogg was the minister watching porn in Parliament it would just be sepia photos of women's ankles

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A whole new day.

(Custom character emulation using Circlex character set. 3-bit palette, 320x240)

Created in #Retrospecs for #iOS -

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