@kensanata I was wondering that myself. Last activity I see was well before I woke up this morning.

@Thew Wondering the same and similarly concerned about crossposting. So far, I haven't tried.

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Have people started to develop etiquette around how to handle accounts on multiple instances? Crossposting feels like it would be gauche, but if instances function as partially self-contained communities I could see wanting to interact with multiple local PTLs, and I'm not sure how else you could accomplish that without some sort of cross-instance account system

@Jack Thanks! I appreciate how the thumbs-up avatar reinforces your positive comment!

@ppidgeon I'll try to limit any anti-Yankee sentiment to when my team is playing against them! I grew up a Detroit fan, but I've been watching the Rays' AAA team in Durham for so long that I grew attached to the players even as they move on.

@ppidgeon Go Rays! I don't get Sun or Yes, so just following on the bird site. Are either of these your team?

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How to help stop LGBT genocide in Chechnya 

@ppidgeon Same here. It's too bad, because it's quite a bit better than the other Android options.

of my youngest. Kind of stuck; don't know how to proceed.

Unusually early arrival to work. But it's a beautiful morning in

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anyone who charges $100+ for a digital version of a textbook should be tried in the hague

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A while back I found a Polaroid camera in a thrift shop and bought some film. I felt like Max in Life Is Strange. These are some of my favorite Polaroids (the first three used film that was a few months expired).

I got mastodon.cc to function with but still can't with mastodon.cloud . Is that a good enough reason to switch primary instances? Kind of quiet over here on the CC...


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