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Have people started to develop etiquette around how to handle accounts on multiple instances? Crossposting feels like it would be gauche, but if instances function as partially self-contained communities I could see wanting to interact with multiple local PTLs, and I'm not sure how else you could accomplish that without some sort of cross-instance account system

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How to help stop LGBT genocide in Chechnya 

The Chechen authorities are murdering and torturing LGBT people, particularly targeting gay men.

Here are some things you can do to help: goo.gl/FdThFc

Russian LGBT Network has direct info: lgbtnet.org/en:

And is using donations to get people out: goo.gl/mrCEFZ

Amnesty petition: goo.gl/wBEzPl

Change petition: goo.gl/faz1Vh

RU embassy locator: goo.gl/Qh3EvR

Share widely.

of my youngest. Kind of stuck; don't know how to proceed.

Unusually early arrival to work. But it's a beautiful morning in

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anyone who charges $100+ for a digital version of a textbook should be tried in the hague

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A while back I found a Polaroid camera in a thrift shop and bought some film. I felt like Max in Life Is Strange. These are some of my favorite Polaroids (the first three used film that was a few months expired).

I got mastodon.cc to function with but still can't with mastodon.cloud . Is that a good enough reason to switch primary instances? Kind of quiet over here on the CC...


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