Today I became a real manager, I deleted the production database.

The only downside of federation is forgetting which instance you were using 😕

No, seriously, he doesn't. It's art, he doesn't get to enforce how it's perceived. And by suing he'll just change the perception anyway, from "The Bull", to "The Bull commissioned by the litigious snowflake."

Tech writers: mastodon is not a proper social medium
Masto users: but we're social all the time?
Tech writers: nono. what we mean is that our advertisers can't pump money into profit like they're used to
Masto users: [swears in French]

Income Inequality is the root cause of where we are today, Trump is only a symptom:

"As the wealthy rig the system in their favor, it gets harder to tax the rich, bust up monopolies, help working families, and reduce the influence of money in our politics."

Mastodon for Art