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Shoutout to @Info_Activism@twitter.com for the world map in their 2018 Annual Report. Great design making a clear statement. Who says these things have to be boring and dry? 🗺️ tacticaltech.org/#/2018-annual

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OUT NOW: Technopolis. Urbane Kämpfe in der San Francisco Bay Area > assoziation-a.de/buch/Technopo @AssoziationA@twitter.com @glovink@twitter.com @Info_Activism@twitter.com @netzpolitik_org@twitter.com @disruptberlin@twitter.com @t_bazz@twitter.com @super_markt@twitter.com

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When Stanley Kubrick Banned His Own Film, A Clockwork Orange: It Was the “Most Effective Censorship of a Film in British History” openculture.com/2019/06/when-s

From inter-subjectivity to multi-subjectivity: knowledge claims and the digital condition felix.openflows.com/node/533

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