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1/ 🧵Hope you're ready for an epic thread!

It begins with a canal project in Afghanistan and a cafe worker called Sophia, but ends by explaining how 91% of likes on UAE Crown Prince @MohamedBinZayed@twitter.com's tweets are created by at least 11,000 bots/fake accounts t.co/4bGQ8XJOkq

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I am very pleased and excited to announce that I have a new book coming out this year: WAYS OF BEING, published in April in the UK, June in the US, and hopefully elsewhere soon. It's about technology, ecology, and the intelligence of everything.

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NSO Group promised to stop selling tools to spy on journalists. A new report proves otherwise restofworld.org/2022/nso-pegas

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" is an act of violence. It is about exerting power over every aspect of a woman’s life through intimidation, harassment, and character assassination." - @marwasf@twitter.com. via: @theintercept@twitter.com ⬇️

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These vending machines sell internet access five minutes at a time
For many Filipinos, coins are the currency of the internet. restofworld.org/2022/philippin

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Vandaag gestart @centreceramique@twitter.com de expositie Glass Room Experience waarin je kunt ontdekken wat er nog persoonlijk is aan jou data >> tentoonstelling.centreceramiqu

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@Info_Activism@twitter.com @Annieillustrate@twitter.com @MediaEu@twitter.com @EU_Commission@twitter.com Sweet! Definitely looking forward to this series! 🎙️

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Great new report from @Avaaz@twitter.com . Facebook, unfortunately, still has its collective head in the sand. Any @Meta@twitter.com staff willing to speak up and sort this issue out?

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