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It was very nice to share at @OEBconference@twitter.com today and hear such a positive reception to the Data Detox Kit! twitter.com/SindithK/status/13

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Good opportunity to challenge the ‘they know everything anyway’ resignation and empower communities with the knowledge, judgement and skills to protect themselves online! 🙏 twitter.com/Info_Activism/stat

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A new resource on smartphone control from @Info_Activism@twitter.com. With , @EIFLnet@twitter.com partnered in a joint workshop for group of young African , so we highly recommend checking this workshop out for your programs twitter.com/Info_Activism/stat

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The Kit Workshops page is now live! Here you'll find downloadable curriculum materials developed and tested by Tactical Tech trainers and partners worldwide. Take a look at the first workshop, 'Control Your Smartphone Data': datadetoxkit.org/en/workshops

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On the impact of technology and digital well being. Safa Ghnaim introduces the @datadetoxkit@twitter.com @OEBconference@twitter.com also available in and 20 other languages!

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Another Art World, Part 3: Policing and Symbolic Order by @nikadubrovsky@twitter.com and the late, great @davidgraeber@twitter.com e-flux.com/journal/113/360192/

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