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100 réponses techno à la pandémie : techpandemic.theglassroom.org - le collectif critique @info_activism@twitter.com détaille comment les entreprises normalisent la surveillance en apportant des solutions techniques à la pandémie qui visent plus souvent à contrôler l'hôte que le virus !

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Tools for Fighting Disinformation- sharing cutting-edge research on how disinformation campaigns unfold, and tools to combat them. Feat: @WafHeikal@twitter.com, @k_ramali@twitter.com, Sarah-Jayne Terp, and @gianfiorella@twitter.com


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“Killing one is easy, killing a network is impossible”: The Power of Collaboration in Investigative Journalism exposingtheinvisible.org/en/ar

Today's image-editing software makes it easy to create by editing, cropping and miscaptioning images, which then spread rapidly across social media. Play this captivating quiz and see if you can spot visual dis- and . theglassroom.org/en/misinforma

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