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School strike week 82. In a crisis we change our behaviour and adapt to the new circumstances for the greater good of society.

Join the - post a pic of you with a sign and use !

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EU urged to condemn Hungary’s limits on freedom of expression and information as part of Coronavirus crisis emergency measures access-info.org/blog/2020/03/3

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Les 1ères pages en français du kit 'Révéler l'invisible' (enfin)


Je vous promets de m'y remettre au plus vite :
1. Correctifs
2. Publications des autres trad déjà prêtes
3. Publi fr & eng du chapitre Bioinvestigation

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Wo beginnt der Krieg? Widerstände gegen militärisch-industrielle Forschungs-Black-Boxes Essay von Christian Heck: berlinergazette.de/gegen-milit @khmkoeln@twitter.com @I_M_I@twitter.com @labournet_de@twitter.com

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If you’ve come across a post that is spreading and want to stop it, most platforms have a place where you can report the posting. You may also decide to stop following the account that published it. More tips from the Kit: datadetoxkit.org

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All those under home quarantine in Karnataka have been asked to send a selfie every hour except for the time they are sleeping (10 pm to 7 am). If the person fails to send selfies, they may be shifted to a mass quarantine centre.

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Live Stream with @joana_moll@twitter.com and - we will do a Gallery Surfing Session as a live stream at twitch.tv/pankegallery Sun 29 March 2020 19:00 @PankeGallery@twitter.com

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