warmingstripes vizualizations for the past and future scenarios – showing in colour how our world will look like for us and our children depending on our actions today warningstripes.com/

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This compiles 10 successful tools used to improve & community land rights, from our membership. Use these tools, adapt them to your specific context!

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In June, @WorldBank@twitter.com’s initiative released a Practitioners’ Guide on . CIS submitted detailed comments on the Guide, emphasising issues of , and costs involved in ID programmes digitalid.design/comments-ID4D

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Estuvimos visitando la Expo by @Info_Activism@twitter.com en una de las estaciones del teleférico público en Una muestra donde las personas pueden comprender cómo las plataformas de internet capturan y usan sus datos 🙌🏽 @hackalmachismo@twitter.com @InternetBo_org@twitter.com

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Tecnologías antidemocráticas, fakenews, datos y vigilancia por @InternetBo_org@twitter.com @AsuntosDelSur@twitter.com @Info_Activism@twitter.com evento paralelo al @lacigf@twitter.com

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We're looking for a Communications Coordinator to join us in our central Berlin office. Apply by 15 September. Dog included. tacticaltech.org/#/comms-coord

The Data Detox essentials, and some of the bonus articles, are now available online in Norwegian, Spanish, Italian, and of course English datadetoxkit.org/en/home

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Desde hoy y hasta el 9 de agosto estamos presentando la sala de cristal/glass room, una experiencia para conversar sobre nuestros datos en redes. En la estación Libertador de la zona amarilla/verde @InternetBo_org@twitter.com @Info_Activism@twitter.com @FES_DC@twitter.com @miteleferico@twitter.com @LaRazon_Bolivia@twitter.com

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