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Personal data is becoming increasingly important in Nigerian political campaigning. This new report in partnership with @Info_Activism@twitter.com examines how personal data has featured in Nigeria’s political campaign history. Read: cddwestafrica.org/wpcontent/up @bulamabukarti@twitter.com

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New Extractivism - An assemblage of concepts and allegories @TheCreaturesLab@twitter.com

How Not to Know Ourselves
Platform data do not provide a direct window into human behavior. Rather, they are direct records of how we behave under platforms’ influence points.datasociety.net/how-not

Join us for a free four-week online Investigative Training Institute from 4-31 May 2021! Learn from & collaborate with civil society investigators across the EU to develop skills & techniques for secure . Apply by 22 March: exposingtheinvisible.org/news/

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In Nigeria’s 2015 election, @CamAnalytica@twitter.com spread targeted disinformation to suppress opposition votes and allegedly released sensitive personal information about then opposition candidate @MBuhari@twitter.com. Read this new report in partnership with @Info_Activism@twitter.com tinyurl.com/4bbd9x4p

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NEW REPORT: 'Personal Data and the Influence Industry in Nigerian Elections' @Info_Activism@twitter.com cddwestafrica.org/personal-dat @YIAGA@twitter.com @jchitchen@twitter.com

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We are excited to announce the launch of our new report 'Personal and the Influence Industry in Elections' in partnership with @CDDWestAfrica@twitter.com, which highlights techniques used by political actors in campaigns in . ourdataourselves.tacticaltech. @HassanIdayat@twitter.com

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⚡️ 18–20 March 2021 ⚡️

Join our FREE live-streamed conference! 😷

♦️ "Behind the Mask: Whistleblowing During the Pandemic" will present acts of whistleblowing, exposing practices dangerous to public health over the past year...

👉 disruptionlab.org/behind-the-m

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Lanzamos el proyecto DDK X Jóvenes LAC 🍄✨

🐝Entre marzo y abril vamos a crear una campaña xa el Data Detox Kit de @Info_Activism@twitter.com

🌈 Convocamos a juventudes de Latinoamérica y organizaciones vinculadas a estas!

+info [CAST] [PT BR]: forms.gle/6viHSkPzvFGwXxV4A

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Data Détox, un kit pour (re)prendre le contrôle de votre , sécurité et bien-être en ligne. Produit par @Info_Activism@twitter.com avec le soutien de @firefox@twitter.com
👉 datadetoxkit.org/fr/home

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Our guidebook Personal Data: Political Persuasion is now available in ! Find out about the tools used to understand, target and influence voters around the world.

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How can we ensure women's right to peaceful assembly?

This Wednesday, 3 March, APC is participating in this webinar with @endVAW@twitter.com, @UN_SPExperts@twitter.com, @cvoule@twitter.com @DorothyEstrada@twitter.com, @ICNLAlliance@twitter.com, @IM_Defensoras@twitter.com.

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Trackography, developed by the Tactical Technology Collective, is an open-source project aiming to "lift the veil on the global tracking industry"

by visualizing the vast array of trackers following you around the internet.

You can use Trackography to check:

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Visit @FOSSASIA@twitter.com Summit 2021 Learn about Tactical Tech @Info_Activism@twitter.com newest edition of The Glass Room in all its forms. Find out more eventyay.com/e/fa96ae2c/exhibi

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The Kit is now available in , our 34th language, with the support of @goetheinstitut@twitter.com in Hanoi. Stay tuned for more! datadetoxkit.org/vi/home/

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