EU Presents Plan to Strengthen Online Child Sexual Abuse Fight
New measures will force companies to scan for abuse, grooming
Critics say plan allows for tech companies to spy on users

@info_activism it's a joke right?

Racism might be frowned up on

but when the bro'hood are altogether as a team, sexism is a real male sport
that men in their male allegiance to each other can all get right behind and agree on..
and men are all kin then, are all one

Who run the internet and steer it the way they want it to go?


and what do men want?

Men want porn and to see women and girls at their male mercy and tortured and butchered and that is not a turn off to men, but a turn on and men are all at the same trough pigging out on it..

Porn sick men ain't going to do jack shit to stop it because that is what porn sick men want
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