@info_activism i am sitting behind 7 proxies and i installed 20 different firefox plugins and now it looks like this

Not even close:
* Amount of animated ads needs to fill 2/3 of the screen!
* Needs additional 23 propritary fonts to sideload
* Needs at least additional 3MB of Javascript, 30MB of video
* Increase memory footprint!
* Increase CPU load!!
* Trigger alert every 20seconds "We have news on our frontpage"

@info_activism It’s missing the GDPR pop-up, and also the modal asking if you want to sign up for their newsletter or be a loser

@info_activism Also missing that popup that appears when you move the mouse to the page top (as if you're about to -gasp- leave!).

@ollibaba Hm, CTRL+W could probably be used as a workaround for this? @info_activism

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