"It is the duty of machines and those who design them to understand people. It is not our duty to understand the arbitrary, meaningless dictates of machines." On Weaponised Design: ourdataourselves.tacticaltech.

@info_activism what a stridently consumerist af message. we're at this impasse because, in my view, we have kept machines cryptic & esoteric, black boxes, processors. all machines are arbitrary, all interfaces are dictates.

the only way to begin to change the power balance, to create a healthy genuineness, is not by trying harder to presuppose we know our user, each and every one- an unhumble, solar-sized-ego gross supposition- but to alter the field of computing itself to begin to try to simmer away abstraction & to make computing more malleable.

make computing more naked, more able to be dived into. and include the tools & radically simify environments such that computing processes are more than run-only, so that they can be shaped & learned & experimented with and altered. so everyone can instill their own will & own accessibilities.

this task before us is not on programmers writing apps, working with empathy. it's on computing itself de-esotericizing, coming out of it's black boxes.

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