I know. But it seems like it is trying to kinda stay away from the term "VPN" in the public eye. I guess it has a bad connotation to some people.


@masterofthetiger @info_activism Oh! I hadn't even realized that could be a thing. To me VPN is neutral or positive. 😀

I look at it the same way you do, but some people may have heard the whole, "it is useful, but it is slow and not necessary," or something like that.

That's my idea. Because I don't see them mention the term "VPN" anywhere.


@masterofthetiger @info_activism Aha, I thought you meant like Smith on the street would think VPNs are for criminals or something.

I was thinking of that too, but it seems like people don't think entirely like that. Some may.

Another idea is that people have other presuppositions about VPNs which Mozilla doesn't want to invoke. It seems to want to present it as something new.


@info_activism If only Mozilla was a company one could trust when caring about privacy. Their browser has been a nightmare for years, and they're only making it worse every other update.

@Gina @info_activism Oh boy, where do I start. Let’s just start with a couple main issues I have with them:

They destroyed customization in Firefox (by forcing the “new”, very limited WebExtensions), which was the prime reason for most people to use it to begin with;
Installed AddOns in Firefox forcibly in user’s browsers without their consent (you can read about the Looking Glass debacle for an instance of this). Maybe you can also remember that one time they broke all addons in existence by “forgetting” to update their signing keys;
Firefox by default sends out a metric shitton of metrics all the time which can uniquely identify users (I have 97 configuration changes to alter this, but you can’t really expect your average user to know these, and I don’t think anyone that is in favour of user privacy should even set this as a default).

Now, I don’t think there are better alternatives out there in the browser field (though ungoogled-chromium actually seems to be more privacy-friendly by default, I haven’t actually tried it yet), but having blind faith in Mozilla seems like a very silly thing to do in any case.

@Gina @info_activism @tyil Google as default search page, introducing more and more centralized services like Pocket.
@clacke @Gina @info_activism The list goes on, really. They keep making decisions that go directly against the user's interests, and they've been doing it for years by now. It's getting harder every release to keep Firefox sane.


»The actual proxy servers for the Firefox Private Network extension is provided by Cloudflare […]

For those concerned about the data collection by Cloudflare, Mozilla promises ›strong privacy controls‹ to limit what data Cloudflare may collect and for how long it may store that data.«




Holy cow. #Mozilla's new "privacy network" #VPN is all being funneled through #CloudFlare?! It's a #privacy service... funneling *all the users browsing*... through #&$!$&#ing CloudFlare?!

Ok, they're promising to delete the data after 24 hours (after $diety-knows-who has taken a copy) but still... does this not seem like insanity to anyone else?

#privacy #surveillance

@info_activism ripe for abuse, but good for places with censorship, I guess. I can already see this being abused to evade bans on IRC though.

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