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The Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning Human Dreams exhibition at @DHMDresden@twitter.com invites visitors to reflect on the opportunities and the risks of developing artificial intelligence.

📅 Open until November 6th.

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WATCH: Here's the trailer of OCCRP's documentary , which will have its international premiere at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the Czech Republic.

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My colleague John contributed to
Fighting fake news ahead of elections is crucial to guard democratic integrity. Use the Digital Enquirer Kit atingi.org/digitalenquirerkit/
Put people at the centre of digital transformation @KICTANet@twitter.com @giz_gmbh@twitter.com

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Check out the curated list of resources about misinformation!

This educational resources list includes:
📚 guides
☑️ checklists
📱verification apps
💻 e-learning platforms & more

Get your list here: cdn.ttc.io/s/theglassroom.org/

Register for the ‘Safeguarding whistleblowers’ session on 7th June at 14hr CEST & learn how to:

☑️ stay safe when leaking information
☑️ protect your sources

Book your spot 👉 events.exposingtheinvisible.or

[Open call for a paid volunteer 🤓]

Join our team to support:

🧰 Project tasks
🔊 Outreach and communications
💡Logistic tasks, including support for the production of an outdoor exhibition in Berlin

Apply before July 15th ⬇️

⌛ One day left to apply to become a partner of the project!

Join us to promote awareness of how personal data is used to influence public opinion & elections. Apply before 6 July to get training, advice & support up to €1500.


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