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Exposing the Invisible.
A one year project to organise activities for investigative journalists, citizen investigators, activists, researchers and others in the EU.
exposingtheinvisible.org/en/ar by @Info_Activism@twitter.com

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Persuasion Lab explores methodological, aesthetic and discursive responses to understand the informational turn in propaganda and influence ad.watch/

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Here is a good starting point who have started their journey into privacy-conscious usage of the internet, especially those who have just watched

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دليل منظمة منظمة "تاكتيكال تكنولوجي" @Info_Activism@twitter.com للأمن الرقمي "داتا ديتوكس" متوفر الآن باللغة العربية، وهو يشمل إرشادات للحفاظ على الخصوصية والأمن، والسلامة الرقمية. اطلعوا عليه هنا:

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The Tactical Tech Collective (@Info_Activism@twitter.com)'s Data Detox Kit is now available in Arabic, offering steps to control your digital privacy, security & wellbeing. Check it out at datadetoxkit.org/ar/home/

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