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In my presentation, "Teaching About Surveillance: From Awareness to Application to Advocacy," I draw on @estee_beck@twitter.com @MereSophistry@twitter.com @shoshanazuboff@twitter.com @Info_Activism@twitter.com and more to create an assignment sequence for my com ethics class: rachaelsullivan.com/cw22/

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📌 26 May, 16:00 CET: free webinar "Information Security Starts In Your Head"

Join us to learn how to adopt a security mindset, including:
💡think about (& stay sane)
🔍 assess risks & model threats
🧰 evaluate tools
Supported by @MediaEu@twitter.com

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The Organiser's Activity Book | Our Data Our Selves
A collection of playful exercises to help organisers think about risks and benefits of using personal data

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Do you want to know how our personal data can be used to influence citizens in political campaigns and elections🗳️?

Explore our new Influence Industry website, and find out more about political influence. ⬇️

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A great (and free!) webinar from @Info_Activism@twitter.com on information security and how to assess the vulnerability of your tools and keep yourself safe while investigating online. Thursday 26th May, 16-17.30 CEST.

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A New Cold War?

Six short pieces on conflict between China and the United States, from Tobita Chow, Patrick Iber, Yangyang Cheng, Brian Hioe, Rebecca E. Karl, and Ted Fertik.

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