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The Organiser's Activity Book | Our Data Our Selves
A collection of playful exercises to help organisers think about risks and benefits of using personal data

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Israeli spyware firm NSO Group faces renewed US scrutiny
Department of Justice said to have asked WhatsApp for details of alleged targeting of clients in 2019 theguardian.com/world/2021/mar

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Jeg har lige testet det her fake-or-real.theglassroom.org/ Jeg er allermest overrasket over hvor uprofessionelt det ser ud. Vildt ærgerligt, især når man ser hvem der er afsender på det.

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How can we ensure women's right to peaceful assembly?

This Wednesday, 3 March, APC is participating in this webinar with @endVAW@twitter.com, @UN_SPExperts@twitter.com, @cvoule@twitter.com @DorothyEstrada@twitter.com, @ICNLAlliance@twitter.com, @IM_Defensoras@twitter.com.

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