What the Future Wants – a critical look at digital technologies from the coordinator of our Youth project, Daisy Kidd: youtube.com/watch?v=7jAF3bikRM @3rd_eywc@twitter.com @jugend_f_europa@twitter.com

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@MelanieMoore@twitter.com The same team published a misinformation recognition guide which might align with your initial line of thought.


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Today, @venro_eV@twitter.com are hosting a conference based on a new report which asks: how can digitalisation contribute to a more sustainable world? You can read Tactical Tech's contribution (in German) here: venro.org/fileadmin/user_uploa

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Several in the EU are exploring ways to bring learning opportunities to their communities as part of project!


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Our first Investigative Institute is now underway, developing
secure investigation tools and digital research methods across the EU. However, you can still join the second Institute from Jan-Feb 2021 - apply by 11th December! exposingtheinvisible.org/news/

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[as if online school needed to get more 'interesting'] Normalizing surveillance in the education sector tinyurl.com/y4p4j6r3 via @Info_Activism@twitter.com

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The 19th International Anti-Corruption Conference @IACCseries@twitter.com started yesterday, including a contribution from Tactical Tech. View the agenda here! iaccseries.org/19th-iacc/the-a!

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