Bread&Net is an annual unconference that promotes and defends digital rights across Arabic speaking countries.


Today, I led a DiGITAL YOU-inspired workshop on digital security. The workshop, hosted by knls Buruburu, focused on how to create a strong password; Dice-Generated Passphrases. Participants learned useful tips and tricks for improving their digital hygiene.


[Job opportunity]

We are looking for a junior DevSecOps💻!

The ideal candidate has 1-2 years of experience, plus a willingness to explain technical concepts and processes to other team members.

Deadline: July 17th

[Last call ⏰]

The applications to become a partner of close today!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get:
👓 training
💡support in developing your projects
💰support up to €1500


🔊 One day to go for the ‘Safeguarding whistleblowers’ session!

Join us on 7th June at 14hr CEST & learn how to stay safe when leaking information & to protect your sources when you are the one receiving leaked information.

Book 👉 events.exposingtheinvisible.or

🔎 Explore the new workshops section launched by the project and get access to techniques, tips & tools you can use to organise training sessions on online and offline investigation methods.

Access all the material here 👉

Google allowed sanctioned Russian ad company to harvest user data for months
Info included unique mobile phone IDs, IP addresses, location information, and more.

Check out the curated list of resources about misinformation!

This educational resources list includes:
📚 guides
☑️ checklists
📱verification apps
💻 e-learning platforms & more

Get your list here:

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