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At a 500 $ETH / $2M bid, @ix_shells@twitter.com is now the creator of the highest value NFT made by a woman on @withFND@twitter.com. Go follow and support her amazing generative art.

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@marciobarcelos@twitter.com Numa das sessões do da @Info_Activism@twitter.com que decorre todo este mês. Ontem tivemos uma sessão de skill sharing com um investigador que olha para estas coisas na perspectiva de fazer tracking a cleptocracia, via lavagem de dinheiro. Muito interessante.

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Robinhood’s Big Gamble
In eliminating barriers to investing in the stock market, is the app democratizing finance or encouraging risky behavior? newyorker.com/magazine/2021/05

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"An interview with three groups and organizations working on fact checking: Africa Check, Stop Fake and Verify Syria" from @Info_Activism@twitter.com exposingtheinvisible.org/en/ar

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28/35 People go to look for answers, but as there is no content, all they find is the content that has been crafted to influence their perception. ourdataourselves.tacticaltech.

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Super happy to be a part of this 😊
Thank you team @Info_Activism@twitter.com for the opportunity to explore the journey of a phone number twitter.com/Info_Activism/stat

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