as the last step, i do not exist. until i do.

changed my mind. there's no life in the universe.

afterlife is another life, all lives are afterlives. there are no other realms, we are all alone in this universe... and in all other universes.

"All the world's a stasis-chamber,
And all the men and women, merely images of boredom."

the road to hell is paved with good intentions, "many thanks", and "np's". heaven is full of suffering.

Nightmares are made of fluffy things, smiles and sweets.

I will act like I make total sense, once in a while.

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Apparently, letting people know that you are alive once in a while is some kind of responsibility. By "once in a while", I actually want to be misunderstood: once in a while we think we are alive. I think we are not, at all. I feel good about this.

I usually do not claim that I know anything. I try not to make any sense. Sometimes I do otherwise.

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