Today is the Manzanar Pilgrimage. An annual gathering of Japanese Americans who were forced to live at a concentration camp during the second world war. It is located in the desert 210 miles north of L.A.

@awedjob It amazes and baffles me that we once had concentration camps in America. How a group of humans could possibly force other humans into an isolated containment area over a human characteristic (not destructive behavior) is a reminder that humans are cruel and lack compassion. It's a wake-up call, as we must remember history can always repeat itself.


@abentleywrites This year at the event there were speakers of the Muslim faith that were scheduled specifically to draw attention to that danger. Progress does not always move in an upward or direct path.

It seems we are regressing in some areas. It will get worse if we stop paying attention, speaking out and acting against injustice.

@awedjob that's great, because I have Arab friends that are Muslim and I also know Arabs that are Christian. Not surprising, Christian Arabs get generalized and harassed in similar frequency to Arab Muslims. All because they have a certain skin color and physical characteristics. Always good to bring awareness to these issues of harassment and injustice.

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