Woops, I somehow lost a primary key in a database migration. Sorry about the errors everyone!

@xefir @Gargron
erg, well, I guess we'll see what happens...

@xefir Hey there. yeah, I just noticed this :(

I wonder what the best solution for this is... Perhaps a captcha in the signup process?

@hdkw Your public toots will also appear on the federated timeline on other servers this server is linked with.

@hdkw no, anyone who follows you on another server will also see your toots.

@DrewJensen Hrm, I just did a quick test and didn't encounter any issues. Is the image you're trying to post really big? There might be a limit...

Woops, server's disks filled up. I'm in the process of moving all our media to S3. Nothing was lost but you may see some blank images while I transfer things over. Everything should be back up in a few hours. Thanks for hanging in there :)

I've written a small Mastodon bot that finds posts with images and boosts them. If you're interested, try following @ArtBot :)

@morelight I'm not sure what you mean... what's an ambassador?

@flavionunes @Jelv At the moment, your account would disappear with the instance. As the admin, it's my duty to ensure this doesn't happen and if I had to shut down for some reason, I would give you ample time to move your account elsewhere using the import/export functionality found on the preferences page :)

@abentleywrites @GinnyMcQueen@mastodon.social @nolan

I'm certainly open to this idea. You can voice your opinion here: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/ in the main repo. If they decide to go forward with it, I'll pull in the changes :)

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