Moving over at @alatiera while registrations are still open.

I've spent an hour trying to manually update cargo deps cause a minor version bump for html5ever does not compile inside the flatpak environment anymore.

something something Turing complete scripts...

@federicomena Check this out, a vector drawing library on top of Vulcan with an API similar to Cairo's.

RT @sdroege_: Small update on glib-futures for .@rustlang: Changed to a library, covered more GLib API, added some GIO Futures & allow !Sen… source:

Phew. Gnome-class can emit signals from the generated GObjects now - just signals without arguments; I'll start on those tomorrow.

Ok, so the Let's Encrypt of expired without renewal for the second time in a row (It happened 3 months ago too). I guess it's not automatically updated.

This raises some concerns, I don't want to be in a situation where I wake up and my acc/instance is gone like

I am thinking of migrating to another instance I can trust, any recommendations?

Before Pinafore: "OK, the major browsers are Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge"

After Pinafore: "OK, the major browsers are PaleMoon, WaterFox, Firefox ESR, Firefox in private browsing, Firefox with Privacy Badger…"

Don't mind me, Just casually creating, initializing and attaching 1.5k different GTK Widgets and shoving them into a ListBox asynchronously. Without ever blocking. No Threads involved, just a single Glib Main loop.

Would you believe if I added that this only took 20 lines of code?

Would you also believe me if I said that the same 20 lines can be used FOR ANY Gtk Container widget, not just ListBox.

Go ahead and take a look for yourself!

emoji is a system for ensuring programmers actually fucking support unicode

RT @sdroege_: A proof-of-concept single-threaded .@rustlang futures Executor around the @gnome GLib main context/loop. No tokio here, only… source:

Wow, somebody had the audacity to do a formal & executable (!) memory model for the Linux kernel and they aptly named the paper „Frightening small children and disconcerting grown-ups: Concurrency in the Linux kernel“.

From the abstract: „We offer a model written in the cat language, making it not only formal, but also executable by the herd simulator.“

Herd is a toolsuite written in OCaml to test/simulate memory models.

HER: I strongly dislike computers.
ME: eh; it's just servers and browsers that are bad
ME: well
ME: servers, browsers, and mobile
ME: well, servers, browsers, mobile ... and windows


ME: but apart from all that, what have the Romans done for us?

How was I writing tests without the pretty_assertions crate before!

Amazing what difference a bit of color can make.

#1974 "Conversational Dynamics" 

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