I think one reason I don't record my thoughts in my notebook every day is because I keep it mostly tucked away in my messenger bag. I need to start leaving it out on the table so it reminds me to write more often. Visibility is key.


Twice the Hugh Jackman in 'The Prestige' is mind-blowing!

Even better than when Leonardo Di Caprio played two roles (himself & himself) in the 'Man in the Iron Mask.'


‘Become Human’ by Alexander Bentley

what do we risk
if we become human,
except the loss
of profits
when traded
for the return
of innocence?


‘Two Souls’ by Alexander Bentley

the state of being
when two beings exist.

i am magic. you
are sulfur. i am

lightening. you
are beauty. i am

wisdom. you
are fading. i am

denial. you
are lying.

our souls live,
but we are


‘The Poet’ by Alexander Bentley

was a spell
he would sell
casting veils
over eyes
as he told them
beautiful lies.


Ghostly Wind
by Alexander Bentley

The power of death
overcomes us
like a ghostly wind

It extinguishes
the drifting flames
of a thousand
lonely candles.


Babysitting my godson this afternoon and he finally passed out watching music videos on . The song "Hello" had been his favorite since he was less than 1 years old.

OMG! I'm going to tap Install Now. I might be gone for awhile.

If I'm not back in an hour, please come find me. I live in .

Interesting! There's 823 users on Mastodon.cc and we've authored 2,383 statuses.

Changed my profile header to this. How fitting since I like reading . And speaking of books, what's your favorite book?

I'm working on my manuscript today. It'll be my first collection of poems. Finalizing the content, but most of what is in the manuscript is what I submitted as my original entry for the 2017 Walt Whitman Award competition.



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