Hi Mastodon! It feels like forever since I last posted a status update. You can say the last couple days have been a whirlwind. Work is busy, getting estimates on a new air conditioner (before the Arizona summer heat gets here) and trying to spend a little extra time with my godson before he goes on his first vacation. He’s going to Disneyland (he’s 20-months old) and I wish I could’ve gone with him to see the smile and amazement on his face!

No, I didn’t write much poetry this week. Maybe this weekend, since I’ll have more free time to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. @LWFlouisa

@abentleywrites I like to do a hybrid of sonnet and haiku. Haiku and Sonnet take turns in a harmonious fashion.

How does that work? Do you mean like in the same poem? Or separate poems, by switching between the two styles? @LWFlouisa

@abentleywrites Same poem switching between styles. I can see if I can think of an example. Its a recent thing 89 poems later.:p

That’s quite interesting. Please share an example you’ve written, if you don’t mind sharing. I think that will be the best way to highlight the harmony you speak about. :smiley: @LWFlouisa

@LWFlouisa where did you share it at? I don't see it on your timeline/feed.



I think I see it now,
I think I see it now beyond the hills.
The rain soft pours upon the ground pouring down.

The birds singing long for sunlight,
Yet they see only starlight and the dust.
A cruel world where there are few men they may trust.
Our world turned to dust.

Yet the sunlight closer.
And there are larger stars showing now.


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@LWFlouisa I see it now, yes it see it now. Very well written. I get a sense of what you meant.

@LWFlouisa @abentleywrites

This is a truth about the universe, the universe of dreams.
Of course, the burden, as we all know, is not just a dream; I realized that, you know.
I believe a round of insomnia, up to 200 lose their dreams.
I want to focus on shortcomings against the violence in their lives, too.
In general, loss of sleep and the lack of value of 200 lives are in accordance with the concrete world.
There is no attempt in the sky.
We offer the world this way.

@abentleywrites Its meant to blend Western (like French) with Japanese.

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