People like centralised platforms because it's convenient and easy.

On the other hand, you sacrifice your freedom to someone literally selling you out.

But it seems the people who care about that kind of thing are a /minority/ nowadays.

A horde of robots commissioned as notaries public, running rampant in the streets, notarizing everything. The end of society as we know it, death by a thousand stamps.

@abentleywrites This year at the event there were speakers of the Muslim faith that were scheduled specifically to draw attention to that danger. Progress does not always move in an upward or direct path.

It seems we are regressing in some areas. It will get worse if we stop paying attention, speaking out and acting against injustice.

If someone tells you they are being harassed, listen to them. Believe them! Speaking up and speaking out against harassment takes enough courage without being doubted, shamed or ridiculed.

Make your default mode actively listen, believe and support. It takes nothing away from other people and are good things to do anyway.

I think one reason I don't record my thoughts in my notebook every day is because I keep it mostly tucked away in my messenger bag. I need to start leaving it out on the table so it reminds me to write more often. Visibility is key.

@abentleywrites I write in a diary every single day to record all the nothing I do.

Quick question: if I delete a status update, does it get deleted from all instances? If so, does it happen immediately or does it take awhile to propograte to all instances?

I don’t know if that is a silly question, but I know on birdsite your posts could live on for eternity. Or, at least, damn close to it!

For the creative folks out there: do you keep and write in a journal, diary, notebook, etc. on a daily or regular basis?



I think I see it now,
I think I see it now beyond the hills.
The rain soft pours upon the ground pouring down.

The birds singing long for sunlight,
Yet they see only starlight and the dust.
A cruel world where there are few men they may trust.
Our world turned to dust.

Yet the sunlight closer.
And there are larger stars showing now.


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@abentleywrites Same poem switching between styles. I can see if I can think of an example. Its a recent thing 89 poems later.:p

@abentleywrites I like to do a hybrid of sonnet and haiku. Haiku and Sonnet take turns in a harmonious fashion.

Here is an idea? Don't want me to favorite your post? Then stop showing up in my feed.

I didn't ask you to.

This week I’ve been listening to the audiobook version of ‘The Prestige’ by Christopher Priest. The book diverges signifantly from the movie, which I quite like. As it gives more context and a different perspective on the two main characters. I have a little over an hour left, which I’ll finish tomorrow.

Hi Mastodon! It feels like forever since I last posted a status update. You can say the last couple days have been a whirlwind. Work is busy, getting estimates on a new air conditioner (before the Arizona summer heat gets here) and trying to spend a little extra time with my godson before he goes on his first vacation. He’s going to Disneyland (he’s 20-months old) and I wish I could’ve gone with him to see the smile and amazement on his face!

Boost this toot and I will relentlessly mock you for boosting a toot that told you would cause me to do that.


I'm Nick, a Brazilian programmer living in the UK. So I speak #portuguese and #english.

I co-founded a digital publisher so work with #ebooks as well as the web.

I find writing these sorts of things really hard!

Specific interests are super varied. I find anything is interesting if talking with someone of great expertise/ethusiasm

there's something magical about being curled up in bed under the covers, while the rain drowns out the noise of the city with its soft rattle

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