A while back I found a Polaroid camera in a thrift shop and bought some film. I felt like Max in Life Is Strange. These are some of my favorite Polaroids (the first three used film that was a few months expired).

I also played around with damaging the Polaroids in various ways and I think I got some interesting results.

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@TroysNoise I don't know what these are, but what they are is awesome!

@TroysNoise Love the first one!

What was it originally a photo of?

@lateral it was just a photo of a microphone in my studio. It was a pretty lousy photo and very blue. I kept it water for about a week, then smooshed it around with my fingers. I also tried putting it in a microwave but that didn't do much besides char the edges (and spark a lot in my microwave - maybe don't do that).

@TroysNoise sparks are fun though! 😀

Maybe seems like analogue media lend themselves more to experimentation than digital.

@lateral Well digital experimentation can get wacky, too (I manipulate audio digitally for a living), but there's definitely something uniquely satisfying about phsyically mashing weird things together with your own hands.

@lateral As an exmaple of digital wackiness: I found out that Audacity can (try) to open any file type and render it as audio. So I can import a gif or exe or whatever and get audio. It usually results in noisey digital garbage, but it can make for cool source material in sound design for like robots being destroyed or something.

@TroysNoise #bitbending 😍

I've done my share of experimentation in photoshop for example, and some audio as well, but the feeling of physically manipulating stuff...

Might look into getting a midi controller, can be used to control Lightroom , not only audio software.

But imagine doing some bitbending via audacity on an image file, but controlled live with your hands on midi knobs, with realtime display of the result!

@TroysNoise @lateral My bandmate showed me this trick with game ISOs a while back. I've archived a collection of them for our future projects.

@marcellothearcane It's by a company called the "Impossible Project." They're the only company that currently produces film for classic Polaroid cameras (and their own story is pretty interesting; you can find it on their site). They have several different styles of film, so that's fun. A camera shop here had it discounted since it was expired.

@TroysNoise yep, i've come across them before - I've got an instax mini, so might be a problem! looks pretty sweet though, keep it up :D

@TroysNoise That's so cool! I've never seen Polaroids with round windows before.

@TroysNoise hi troy - no the film wasnt expired, thats how things actually looked in the 1970's lol

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