Hanging clothes outside to dry on a warm Texas day is very good.

Here's a nice summary of why the next wave of automation is going to be different this time.


If the free market's so great, explain to me why the HD version of the song I want to listen to has 35 views but the 240pp version has 5 million.

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Can someone plz plz make something rly accessible that fulfills the needs Facebook Events fill w/o the attachment to Facebook so everyone will stop exclusively promoting events via Facebook

Automation will take jobs whether the minimum wage is $15/hr or $1, and in the next 10 years this will happen at an unprecented rate. Does capitalism have a solution for this? I don't think so.

I want to see automation heavily taxed. Then that money should be used to pay for a universal basic income and other social services. We should all benefit from automation! It's stupid that we might allow it to hurt us.

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I insist that we refer to the evil version of Dale Cooper as "DoppleDale."

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link me to your favorite funk bands no has heard of. Small local band = awesome

I need that undiscoverd FUNK

link me to your favorite funk bands no has heard of. Small local band = awesome

I need that undiscoverd FUNK

Nicknames for my dog:

Pup pup

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If we turn down the lights and play some smooth jazz, would that not bring atmosphere to Mars?

I bought my ticket for the Austin Game Conference today. Any gamedevs on mastodon going?

I just came back from doing sound for a middle school production of Annie. If you recall, Annie basically inspires Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal.

So what I'm saying is, Trump and the Republicans in the House hate little orphan Annie.

I'm not seeing a lot toots from people I follow and I'm trying to figure out why.

If I follow someone from another instance, I'll see their toot. But if they reply to themself, do I no longer see it?
Here's an example screenshot of what I see on my main page vs their profile page (from @nolan. Hi! Hope you don't mind) mastodon.cc/media/qXLyC28z3emW mastodon.cc/media/kgaUhR4VmsoR

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seriouspost about politics 

(confession: I only recently started watching Star Trek for the first time ever, thanks to my girlfriend. It's been great)

Wesley is the campiest character on Star Trek TNG, but the performance at 0:33 is giving me goosebumps.


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