Another from me. Also been working on a lot of music lately but I'll share that later.

Really think that 29edo will be my next big microtonal tuning. I've used 22edo as a default tuning for quite a while amongst others. 29 will let me write the kind of composition I liked from 22, while allowing for a few extra nice flavours.

I made a video for my track Ask Yourself. It's one of the songs from my recent album of Harmony Hacker

Had a lot of fun making this. I love all things trippy and kaleidoscopic. Please check it out fellow Mastodonians and let me know your comments or criticisms.

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#EqualTemperament, #JustIntonation, #microtonality and #SpectralTuning (the thing William sethares invented) are all good topics in a class on #psychoacoustics? I really want computer musicians to think about tuning more and I might get to teach this topic next year. I feel like it goes well with taking about how people perceive consonance and dissonance.

To all my friends here on Mastodon, my new album of is out. It's called 'Harmony Hacker'.

I have been interested in microtonal music for quite a while now. It has various new moods that I had never heard before, and of course new melodies and harmonies that aren't possible in the Western 12-tone system. My goal is to mix microtones with oddball dance music.

Folks, please let me know what you think!

What distro for my new rig? Can I keep my KDE Neon User Edition? It's so dang sexy... Should I go for something more lightweight? Should I go for something with more support?

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has anyone ever seen or met with a record label functioning on cooperative principles? where ARTISTS are members, as opposed to other labels being members (as in case of PIAS)?

this is very much in context of niche butique diy music publishing, less a business, more of a artist-run platform.

i'm looking for any co-op use cases in context of alternative music publishing. anyone have any thoughts/pointers?

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Blustery day here today; put me in the mood to fly a kite, but it was not to be, so this evening I fired up GIMP, desk mouse in hand, and painted one along with a sky, clouds, trees of a kind and.. well here it is.. Kite ;-)

Shout out to all my and friends in the cosmos... I want to see more of you on but I don't know where to find you.

I don't know why it bothers me when people put 2 spaces after a full stop. It's just disgusting.

@bree I'm in the same situation as you, trying to escape Win/macOS and start producing on . I've been looking into but need to spend some more time with the demo before I can be certain it will work for me. So far so good, and I'm also looking into running Reaper in Wine. I hope you manage to find to a way to make it all work for you.

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I promise never to say "woke" except in the context of someone literally about to get out of bed.

Here's what currently fascinates me about music: there are more than 12 notes!
Let's explore the cracks down the side of the piano keys, and push the boundaries of tonality.

@ikey Not a Solus user, but it was you guys' discussion on Late Night Linux that brought me here. I listen in every week. One of these days might have to dip into that lil OS of yours. All the best.

I'm new to this - where do I go to find all the musicians? Calling all music heads...!

The dream of decentralised social is still alive.

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