A video transposition of manufactured protest products designed from an attempt on protest slogans cataloging, trying it hand at being universal & intended for greatest number: humans, intelligent machines (robots, AIs, deep learning programs, chatbots, virtual assistants, IoTs etc.), others (foreign civilizations including alien lives)


via Instagram de @outrageantes
8 mars 2020 • Le Feminists Fight Back • Bruxelles. @lafronde_collectif
Credit @didier_ju

.@anarcademisme répertorie des gestes issus de créations individuelles ou
collectives dans l’espace public, en solidarité quotidienne avec les luttes.

Bulletin 1 – Fév.2020 à télécharger, imprimer, placarder...

Beautiful shields!
thanks @MontierCynthia1 😉
All Capitalists Are Bastards
All Clitoris Are Beautiful
All Colors Are Beautiful
All Cops Are Bastards

Beautiful shields! thanks @MontierCynthia1 😉
All Capitalists Are Bastards
All Clitoris Are Beautiful
All Colors Are Beautiful
All Cops Are Bastards

'The Committee'
By Pilvi Takala

Pilvi Takala was the winner of the 2013 Emdash Award, aimed towards the production of a new artwork. The artist invited a group of children aged 8 to 12 to spend her award. They were free to spend the £7,000 prize money any way they wanted, as well as to choose how they would formulate decisions as a group...

Pilvi Takala

What provokes people about ‘non-doing’ aside from the strangeness, is the element of resistance. The non-doing person isn’t committed to any activity, so they have the potential for anything. It is non-doing that lacks a place in the general order of things, and thus it is a threat to order. It is easy to root out any ongoing anti-order activity but the potential for anything is a continual stimulus without a solution

Bernard Stiegler on what means:

“If it were possible to demonstrate that lived reality is always a construct of the imagination and thus perceived only on condition of being fictional (…), then we would finally be forced to conclude that perception is subordinated to (…) the imagination. The relationship between the two would be constituted of previously non-existent terms, and this in turn would mean that life is always cinema.'

Marcel Proust in Search of Lost Time (1922): “Thanks to art, instead of seeing one world, our own, we see it multiplied and as many original artists as there are, so many worlds will we have at our disposal.”

It’s dusk in the Indian Ocean. Two palm trees whisper to each other: “I want to escape”. Confined to a small island, they search for ways to grow their mysterious fruit. Alongside them, another life: money, grown independent of humans, moves in and out of the island.

INTERFACE CHAOS explores the search for survival of two entities coexisting in the Seychelles archipelago: money and a unique species of palm tree.


by Piotr Andreïevitch

'Comment arrête-t'on un artiste en France?'
'How do you stop/arrest an artist in France?'

& politique en cours/in progress...

La doit renoncer à vendre ses équipements de maintien de l’ordre à Signez la pétition !

2019, le Parlement européen a adopté une résolution sur la situation à Hong-Kong et a appelé l’Union européenne, ses États membres et la communauté internationale à imposer "des mécanismes de contrôle des exportations appropriés pour refuser à la Chine, et en particulier à Hong Kong, l’accès à technologies utilisées pour violer les droits fondamentaux.


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