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Second time at the Art House Café. Chill vibe, this time around. What we played was a kind of soulful lounge Jazz, for lack of better descriptors. Took the opportunity to spend more time on my wind controller, driving diverse patches on the Magellan iPad synth. Felt quite fitting, actually. And it might lead to some musical collaboration.
Was listening to a interview while going there. Very fitting, about electronic expressiveness.

So… today's announcement of the Seaboard Block comes at an interesting time, for me. Been thinking a lot about “expressive instruments”. The Seaboard line offers a very compelling model for this. What the Block version adds, apart from portability and affordability, is a clearer vision. Now, ROLI’s Blocks line starts to make sense. When you combine all of this with and SDK, you get into fun stuff.

@erictapen Quite interested in , , and , but not really a practitioner, yet.
Been having a lot of fun with , which can indeed serve well for . But my focus has been on other approaches to live performance (especially through a wind controller) and some forms of algorithmic composition.
Did check out and it does sound interesting. But it’s more of a “someday/maybe” thing for me.

Something interesting about that A+M+T podcast is the number of women among interviewees. Not that the gender ratio is great, but it’s such a male-dominated scene that it’s somehow reassuring to get some women in there.
What’s sad, though, only knew of , among the women on that list.

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Nobody told me about the Art + Music + Techology ! Had to discover it through ! Sheesh.
It really sounds like Grosse has interviewed many of the most interesting people working in that scene. My knowledge of said scene is somewhat limited but names like , , , , and sure bring back memories!

another SuperCollider compiling session successfully done! It's always a bit of a drama, but it seems to always work out at the end.

#floss #supercollider #fromgit #bleedingedge #artwithopensource

Still exploring all sorts of things related to my dream/project of a .
These days, my exploration goes through two main paths: physical modelling synthesis and options for physical control. Yes, they can go together, about responsiveness and expressiveness. But the issues remain separate.
On one hand, you can modulate sounds a lot through physical modelling. On the other hand (!), tactile controls offer lots of flexibility.
Anyone explored similar issues?

Was able to take part in a jam session at our local “Art House Café”, last night. Fun experience which can have lasting effects.
Most of the other jammers were much younger than me and their tastes tend to differ from mine. We were mostly playing pop/rock songs that they knew. Very welcoming.
Will surely go back. Probably not every week, but not too infrequently either.

Been approaching , recently. Partly through my activities and partly through something of an process.
It's an interesting path to take. As a musical genre, Ambient is pretty niche. And it can easily attract negative attitudes (like any genre, of course). But there's something about which is more of a practice.
Attended Ottawa’s , this past weekend. Certainly opened my ears.

@zil Pour le lien entre !GNUsocial et Mastodon, disons que c’est un peu compliqué. Il y a une base commune, mais pas une interopérabilité complète.

For those who are curious but intimidated by modern classical music: here's a podcast called Meet the Composer. It's interviews with living composers, and all the music used in each episode is by the composer, so you get to know both the composer themselves and their respective sounds.

(Also the host happens to be a violist, so yay fellow violists!)

Got my very own Core board. Still want to focus on , , and for my needs. But this little standalone microprocessor will provide me with some experimentation potential.
At this point, my main project is in creating my own digital wind instrument. Those exist but they don't really hit all points on my wishlist. Clear opportunity for prototyping.

The boards are back in stock. Will help me wait for my and probably take part in complementary projects.

intrigues me, but is more my thing, at this point. Still, the attitudes behind such projects may mesh well with mine.

Also catalogued the intervals in my .
It's got:
4 min2/Maj7
3 Maj2/min7
4 min3/Maj6
3 Maj3/min6
4 P4/P5
6 T

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Doh! Of course, a scale with any diminished seventh chord will have at least four. There's that “symmetric” quality of four stacked minor thirds…

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Found my : G, G#, B, C, C#, D, F.
Works really well with fingerings and it sounds like it has harmonic potential. It’s the second mode from this one:
Among its features, two “Dominant Seventh” chords, a tritone apart. Much chromaticism. Includes the first tetrachord of the Blues minor scale. Four diminished seventh chords (minor thirds apart). Two “sus4” and two “sus2” chords.

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