Second time at the Art House Café. Chill vibe, this time around. What we played was a kind of soulful lounge Jazz, for lack of better descriptors. Took the opportunity to spend more time on my wind controller, driving diverse patches on the Magellan iPad synth. Felt quite fitting, actually. And it might lead to some musical collaboration.
Was listening to a interview while going there. Very fitting, about electronic expressiveness.

Got my very own Core board. Still want to focus on , , and for my needs. But this little standalone microprocessor will provide me with some experimentation potential.
At this point, my main project is in creating my own digital wind instrument. Those exist but they don't really hit all points on my wishlist. Clear opportunity for prototyping.

In , we have this concept of a (from Sherry Ortner). A bit like the Cszikszentmihalyi , but with social and cultural awareness. It's the optimal experience dreamed by a group. Can also work at an individual level, based on enculturation (cultural learning).
Mine has been happening, this afternoon. As a Québécois in Ottawa, chatting about and coffee with a barista while having an impressive sour ale.
Wow. Needed this.

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