Chances are, nobody wants to hear my rant about the lack of in .

Which is a good reason to start it here. ;-)

Sounds to me like samples/loops/clips are part of a trend. Native Instruments just launched after ramped up its own service. LoopMasters will update Loopcloud soon and Splice is being discussed a fair deal.
But they’re all about massive amounts of very similar samples.

Part of what gets me is that this is clearly a space in which search and browse functionalities haven’t been working. Same with people’s own libraries. Finding the “needle in the haystack” doesn’t get easier with unlimited haystacks. Especially when all of that hay is so indistinguishable and it’s not very obvious that there’s any needle in there (except the one which scratched all of those vinyls).

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And what gets me is that there are many cool potential uses for this kind of . For instance, pitch-tracking a Bulgarian singer’s voice to both learn more about the technique and potentially integrate some of these inflections in .

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Haven’t done that much with , until this point. Feels like there really is a lot to it. In a way, helped me find that out for myself. Much of it is obvious, like the effect of chopping up a sample and looping it. Had some moments while exploring some sounds. Knew these things conceptually but they started to gel, in my mind.

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Which all makes me want to explore samples more deeply, broadly, creatively. Which, in turn, makes me want to accumulate my own massive amounts of cool samples, counterproductively enough. As a , there’s something neat about this abundance. And, no, the overwhelming number of samples doesn’t prevent me from with them.

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In some ways, spending hours auditioning samples feels unproductive. But it can also be really inspiring, stimulating, fun… All important things for “musicking” in the Christopher Small version of the concept.
For instance, had a pretty nice experience with the “loops” catalog in . Lots of cool stuff in there and they’re rather easy to use.

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