Neat way to introduce :
The list of solutions is pretty good:
Reaktor (desktop)
Audulus (desktop and mobile)
VCV Rack (desktop)
Model 15 (mobile)
Max/MSP (desktop)
Pure Data (desktop and mobile)
Xodular (desktop)
Automatonism (desktop)
SunVox (desktop and mobile)
Solorack (desktop)
Aalto (desktop)
Softube Modular (desktop)

For , , and , it can be . is freeware on desktop, cheap on mobile.

@Enkerli you probably want to add


to this list, as they are both very good as soft modular synth and also #libre software ;) #floss #artwithopensource

@Olm_e Guess Huang was focusing on things which have some kind of UI. SC can be a solution for just about anything but, as an intro to modular, not sure it’d work so well.
Added Zynaddsubfx to my MODEP setup (MOD Emulator for pisound). Have yet to dig into it. If it’s a straight-up modular emulation, that could be fun to use in performance after creating a few patches.

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