Might eventually stop posting every single little quickie. Having way too much fun with , at this point.

@Enkerli PureData is amazing. Have considered making stand-alone boxes with a single complex musical function using linux and Pd. It works on R-Pi.
E.g. MIDI transposer, modulating one MIDI channel by another monophonic channel.

@Stringbender Same here. My hardware skills are pretty meh but part of my dream is about a small which would produce chords from incoming notes. My two favourite chorder/harmonizer MIDI effects are about selecting chords by algorithm and “rotating chords” . Those can really work in .
Any insight as to how to go about this?

@Enkerli Wonder if you ever tried Usine Hollyhock. Strong audio and midi processing and patching facilities, and unusual, effective UI. Covers most of same ground as PureData, at a higher level. Not R-P though - higher spec PC and Mac. Steep learning curve - hard to appreciate what it can do until you know it well.

@Stringbender Heard of Usine and your description sounds about right. Hadn't heard of . Will check it out but it sounds contrary to my approach.

@Stringbender Did check Hollyhock, briefly. Unusual is great and patching can be fun. Touch interfaces can be useful and it’s nice that they have an EDU license. But it doesn’t sound like my kind of thing.
Thanks for the heads-up, though!

@Stringbender I gave upon it as I didn't have the patience to master it (or even get something going on it) I was foolish enough to pay for it too. The other thing is that you don't really pay for it, it's kind of like a subscription.

On a more positive note, I've used #Audiomulch somewhat successfully and found it a lot easier to grasp.

@timrowe There is definitely a big gamble when deciding to undertake the learning curve of a new music package. Hollyhock paid me back with a lot of fun, and PureData is bliss. About 20 soft synths and VSTs failed to reach critical level of benefit.
Eventually I disengaged from computer dependency. I want to be able to play live and I absolutely cannot trust a PC not to screw me over in the middle of a track, or not to undo my setup from one session to the next.

@Stringbender I've found anything too left-brain to be a struggle as far as music tech is concerned. Anything that is too linear has thrown me. I mainly use Ableton because it's modular and I can treat it like a musical sketchbook.

I had a Macbook's HDD crash recently and until then had considered Apple to be offering the crème de la crème of hardware. Now, I'm using a low-end Lenovo laptop and getting away with it. I don't know if I'd trust it live though. :)

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