Uh-oh! Found out about the Pico. Had heard of the other models but their size and price really put me off. Thing is, the Pico is much more reasonable in size and price.
In theory, this could be my dream instrument: wind controller with MPE (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression).
Yet, the site and social media accounts have been so quiet, it’s not reassuring…
Anyone here knows about those devices?

After a few days, several interactions with diverse people, and a little help from someone close to me, was able to purchase an . It'll take a little while to reach me but it's already having a nice effect on me. A bit hard to describe. Can't stop talking about it but it now feels less like an obsession and more like something which will be part of my life.

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Keep learning about more and more features of this very sophisticated digital musical instrument. In some ways, it's a bit like the (in)famous toaster/fridge, or Homer Simpson's dream car. It's like John Lambert took my whole wishlist and built something combining everything. Eight years ago, when most of these thoughts were germinating.

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This video summarizes my upcoming ’harp pretty well:
The breath control is extremely important to me as a sax player but the use of the ribbon controller to “bow” a cello is also giving me ideas.
The support for different scales, including is pretty nice. And the “Bel Canto” language, playing commands on the instrument itself is just rad.

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