@enkerli Haha, howdy! Yes, my project is (roughly) about different modes of “listening” to the experience of urban change in Austin, Texas. I’m still conducting fieldwork so it’s in a pretty open state right now, but lots of interesting phenomena have fallen into it, which is exciting.

@enkerli Cool! Yeah, Porcello’s work is super valuable. Obviously things are way different now with the rise of independent studios/home studios, but there are still resonances of the scene that he and Shank documented in the ‘90s.

Heureux de présenter à l'équipe un parcours de formation en ligne qui mise sur l'intelligence collective et l'outillage de la motivation des équipes + bibliothéconomie pour créer et animer une microbibliothèque que j'ai conçu pour @BSF_Inter

Hadn’t realized, earlier, that today was .
Some may not hear Jazz around them and think that it somehow became stale. Yet, as says, .


If you’re disappointed that many of us have been on a long hiatus and are only coming back now… “I can explain everything” (as an )
It’s actually an interesting social phenomenon.
And no, it’s typically not “hypocritical” if we’ve spent time on birdsite or some other service.
Stop wagging your finger and apply a modicum of empathy. Or assert yourself so I can avoid any contact with you.


(As an FYI, if your bio suggests you're into cryptocurrency I will likely not be accepting your follow request.)

I’m bringing my story re-runs to #OER22 nothing novel new but the sparks of serendipity still stir me. The door is open
always and there’s much likely happening somewhere now in this fediverse stories.cogdogblog.com/share-o

So I'll migrate to my new account @enkerli@scholar.social which will be "A microblogging profile you can be proud to put on the last slide of a presentation at a conference."
(The alias system isn't working, right now. I'll try later.)
In the meantime, feel free to add me on Scholar.social!

Nice changes here since I last signed in. The bird site is losing traction in my mind after @cogdog posted 'Exit' cogdogblog.com/2017/09/exit/ and @lauraritchie said she misses ppl on here. Thanks for the reminders to do good stuff!

PLEASE SHARE! I am soliciting stories about working in #HigherEd under austerity. Read more and contribute: t.co/TSwkHuCD0f

I have a vague memory that a year or two ago, someone here was doing talks or a presentation or something for small organisations, activists or community groups about how to move their social presences to open platforms and/or the inherent issues with using corporate platforms for coordinating anything.

Anyone recall anything like this? Got a link or know who it was? Am I totally imagining it?

So, did the mammouth.cafe instance disappear, @skk ?
Had set up my @Enkerli@mammouth.cafe account for general tooting, as this instance is arts-focused. Wonder if I have a way to migrate across instances.
And maybe there’s one about and monitoring to avoid it’s egregious behaviours? @actualham might be on it already.

Yes, let’s allll come back to the public square, which can’t be bought by billionaires. Let’s toot our hearts out!

There’s something pretty deep about the act of patching which includes sound design as well as interactivity: how will you interact with the patch in performance or composition? Which aspects are “generated” (e.g. LFOs, Euclidian Rhythms…) and which parts are about routing controls (MIDI/CV/OSC…)?
So… What’s patching all about?

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Also, while it may sound like a pun, it’s actually intriguing: “patching” is also the term used for programming a synth by twisting some knobs and such. It’s some kind of historical relic, most likely. It’s still interesting to question what “a patch” is. People often use “preset” for any synth patch and there’s the notion that it’d be better to patch things yourself than rely on somebody else’s patching.

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Then: what’s missing from all of those systems? Why do we still need text-based coding, for instance?

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