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Study Special - Day 4

1 dancer and 2 brothers

The dancer from a 7th Degas panting which rendered 16 poses sketched in 4 days.

A friend shared a photo of her grand kids taken today on the cell phone and an ok to sketch them, it's still arms and legs.. right.

That's it for today.

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#DailySketchChallenge Day 3 - I went to an art exhibition today and made some sketches on the spot. Mostly indistinguishable scribbles of trees and bear-wolfs. XD

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#DailySketchChallenge Day 2!
I'm really rusty when it comes to figure drawing... Let's see if I can actually keep up with the challenge and improve myself this time :)

Study Special - Day 2

instead finishing yesterdays sketches, as planned, sat down this evening and instead sketched figures form 2 different Degas works. Most of the figures came out not so good *smile* (the arm length on the middle figure on the right is not human.. maybe instant karma for changing plans so capriciously, or likely the obvious.. I can't draw for diddly. It is what it is.

Study Special

Had a delightful read of the first two chapters from Lena Levin's ebook "The Art of Seeing".

I plan to study bodies in motion by sketching dancing and dancers for a week or so.

Started tonight with (partial) sketches of 2 Degas' Dancer Series paintings. Finishing these two is the first goal, then one more Degas, I think, and 2 from someone TBD. Five in week is an aggressive goal for me; me thinks ;)

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#DailySketchChallenge Study Special part 2:

So maybe you aren't too much of a penciller - you could of course delve into painting!

One option for both pencil and painted works is the lighting study - grab youself some nice high contrast photographs, perhaps from some of great photography people on Mastodon! (if you are allowed to)
Black and white makes it easier too, and then you just grab your favorite tools and focus on the light and dark of a picture and try to capture that. It gives you a sense for 3D shapes and impacts! Or you go a step beyond and do some...

Material studies! How do you paint something to look like leather, or fabric, or concrete? How do the reflections on chrome behave? Look up pictures of a material that interests you and try to paint it - probably better done with digital tools, but I won't restrict you.

There are many other things you can study, like composition of a picture, color harmony or whatever captures your interest.
Feel free to share great resources you found and also minor studies - they can bring exciting discoveries!

Also, you can still use the DSC Hashtag for your random sketches that are not study related, too! Keeping everything open!

Now that I dominate the timeline with two massive toots (@Jennahos only now reminded me that I can use CWs, and since I didn't do it on the first one I wont do it here either) I'll be off to my first studies and hope you all have fun!

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Last day of this round of

Theme is: sharing

pencil sketch, used GIMP to give it that inked look. (make a copy of the base layer, flood some parts w/black and set the layer blend mode to 'difference'.. easie-peasie)

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Remembering the Internment 75 years on -VNCS luncheon for 75th anniversary of internment. Get your ticket now. #yyj

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Alright, little more time too backlog;
'Skin' was followed by 'Science'

colored pencils sketch, scanned, first

maybe I'll call that science also.. or maybe science fiction

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