Lexington Market, Baltimore MD

Demolition began the last week of the most recent market building - the Lexington Market has been doing business on the site for just shy of 250 years.

A new building will go up, they say by mid 2021 - still named the Lexington Market. It will take a decade for the town to get used to the newness of it.

The real history is under the market anyway - elaborate tunnels, from before it was the Lexington, and enlarged over the years.

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#DailySketchChallenge Day 16 - Okay, I kind of forgot that I should be practicing today, but I still had enough time for a handful of pose sketches! ^^ mastodon.art/media/jxMFuY5Nr4B

Sketching Study - Week 2

Ready - Fire - Aim
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This last week, along with sketching, went through the following tutorial videos:

Drawing Fundamentals: CONSTRUCTION

How to Draw Gesture

How to Draw the Head from Any Angle

PAINT LIKE DEGAS. A tutorial by artist Damian Callan

I'll guess I'll see what if any of that rubbed off later today when I get the sketch pad out and start on week 3.

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Study Special - Week 2
Bounding along a self guided path.
Ready - Fire - Aim

OK - 9 reference images I'm using for the study

1st week looked at an image and tried to sketch what I saw (9" x 12" pad) - 1 quick take each
mastodon.cc/media/pLWOmHSuOE-n I needed to work on just getting stuff into the sketch space.

so - Week 2, de-construct, use stick figures only - get all figures into the scene mastodon.cc/media/h-pOPACrRAoy

This week...
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@InspectorCaracal @Wsteria

It often, along with profits, also means some number of seats of the board of directors will be represented by members voted in by the workers, through their shares.


Your welcome.

Sketching is a 'practicing art' after all, isn't it and it's been quite a while since I did much of it. So, repetition of basics is the order of the day for me.

And then there is the old saying, misery loves company ;-)

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#dailysketchchallenge Study Special

No study yesterday because i was devastated by @Ayior & @Jennahos 's toot.
No seriously, it was just plain laziness😉
Original pic of this stairs' study by #JoelHuegly on #pixabay octodon.social/media/IxXTz6DdI

Study Special - Day 13

So, instead of pushing up some sketches (since I haven't done any today) what I will do is share a link to a video (there is a set of four from the author which I'll be watching together) on sketching heads. Practicing the techniques in these videos will base the next round through the group of study images. (will also fill in a bit on the extremities, but focus will be on the head)

"How to Draw the Head from Any Angle" youtu.be/1EPNYWeEf1U

@Ayior @Jennahos

Traveling to the other side of the world! Starting at an art school!
Oh, what lame excuses.. *chuckling*

Sounds exciting. I'm sure it will be.

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#DailySketchChallenge Day 13! I skipped yesterday, but I hope I'll be able to stick to my schedule now. Today I made some more pose studies, some of which may be very helpful for an upcoming painting ^u^ mastodon.art/media/Gms17AZULhK

Study Special - Day 11
(dancers de-construction)

A de-constructed sketch of the first study image, The Dancers.

week 1 was just putting pencil to paper and sketching away.

week 2, today's - well IDK, it's actually closer to the study image overall in layout, but still off on some of the proportions.

Anyway - just one tonight. mastodon.cc/media/6qOqXqRzYpaP

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Here's another recent #commission: Achilles in his tent, after the death of Patroclus. This one's Manga Studio 5, 7.5x12 to be printed at 2.5x4. #illustration

If you care to check out prints, they are here: tinyurl.com/y78gzeyv or there's a longer post about this piece here: tmblr.co/ZQ5_zw2OlldjX mastodon.art/media/yuZFZWItsc-

Study Special - Day 10
(dancers de-construction)

pushing on - three more of the study images from the first week week using just stick figures, and again each sketch ended up with more of the original subjects from the study piece in the frame.. I guess that is a good thing.. mastodon.cc/media/nZn3A2dbGiyM

Study Special - Day 8/9
(dancers de-construction)

At the end of week one, a problem was incorrect proportions of the subjects, therefore big portions of the study image didn't get into the sketch..

Suggestion was this stemmed from not constructing the subjects in simple shapes first.. and after watching a couple of videos..

two of last weeks images, as simple shapes.. eight to go.. mastodon.cc/media/3j9LSrJPUATV

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Decided to have some fun and do 20 one minute studies via Quickposes.com :D
This is my favorite out of three pages :D


Thanks again.

Well, I revisited one of the paintings from day 1 and came up with this mastodon.cc/media/C4brVQNCI3Ea

it certainly allowed me to get more of the figures into the frame.

"construction first?", no I did not.

Made a couple of aspect lines on about half of them and that was it - then off to the races drawing the subjects.

Thanks, I think I have a plan for the this week, and it will include cycling back through the same subject images.

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