Lexington Market, Baltimore MD

Demolition began the last week of the most recent market building - the Lexington Market has been doing business on the site for just shy of 250 years.

A new building will go up, they say by mid 2021 - still named the Lexington Market. It will take a decade for the town to get used to the newness of it.

The real history is under the market anyway - elaborate tunnels, from before it was the Lexington, and enlarged over the years.

Study Special - Week 2
Bounding along a self guided path.
Ready - Fire - Aim

OK - 9 reference images I'm using for the study

1st week looked at an image and tried to sketch what I saw (9" x 12" pad) - 1 quick take each
mastodon.cc/media/pLWOmHSuOE-n I needed to work on just getting stuff into the sketch space.

so - Week 2, de-construct, use stick figures only - get all figures into the scene mastodon.cc/media/h-pOPACrRAoy

This week...
1 of 2.

Study Special - Day 11
(dancers de-construction)

A de-constructed sketch of the first study image, The Dancers.

week 1 was just putting pencil to paper and sketching away.

week 2, today's - well IDK, it's actually closer to the study image overall in layout, but still off on some of the proportions.

Anyway - just one tonight. mastodon.cc/media/6qOqXqRzYpaP

Study Special - Day 10
(dancers de-construction)

pushing on - three more of the study images from the first week week using just stick figures, and again each sketch ended up with more of the original subjects from the study piece in the frame.. I guess that is a good thing.. mastodon.cc/media/nZn3A2dbGiyM

Study Special - Day 8/9
(dancers de-construction)

At the end of week one, a problem was incorrect proportions of the subjects, therefore big portions of the study image didn't get into the sketch..

Suggestion was this stemmed from not constructing the subjects in simple shapes first.. and after watching a couple of videos..

two of last weeks images, as simple shapes.. eight to go.. mastodon.cc/media/3j9LSrJPUATV

Study Special - Week 1 (dancers)

Started as "I plan to study bodies in motion by sketching dancing and dancers for a week or so." and this is how that has gone so far.

Includes one day 7 sketch UR

hmm - one problem I had all week long is getting the sketch into the frame.. there was supposed to be hands and feet and whole people in those sketches - by I drew what I drew way to big..I'm tempted to run the same cycle anew, IDK yet.


Study Special - Day 6 (dancers)

Busy day with folks, today, but found a few minutes alone and sketched some lines from a couple of photos on the inter-web-of-images. mastodon.cc/media/UucA09Gmvybt

Study Special - Day 4

1 dancer and 2 brothers

The dancer from a 7th Degas panting which rendered 16 poses sketched in 4 days.

A friend shared a photo of her grand kids taken today on the cell phone and an ok to sketch them, it's still arms and legs.. right.

That's it for today.


Study Special - Day 2

instead finishing yesterdays sketches, as planned, sat down this evening and instead sketched figures form 2 different Degas works. Most of the figures came out not so good *smile* (the arm length on the middle figure on the right is not human.. maybe instant karma for changing plans so capriciously, or likely the obvious.. I can't draw for diddly. It is what it is.


Study Special

Had a delightful read of the first two chapters from Lena Levin's ebook "The Art of Seeing".

I plan to study bodies in motion by sketching dancing and dancers for a week or so.

Started tonight with (partial) sketches of 2 Degas' Dancer Series paintings. Finishing these two is the first goal, then one more Degas, I think, and 2 from someone TBD. Five in week is an aggressive goal for me; me thinks ;)


Last day of this round of

Theme is: sharing

pencil sketch, used GIMP to give it that inked look. (make a copy of the base layer, flood some parts w/black and set the layer blend mode to 'difference'.. easie-peasie)


Alright, little more time too backlog;
'Skin' was followed by 'Science'

colored pencils sketch, scanned, first mastodon.cc/media/FdDl1sjSARoZ

maybe I'll call that science also.. or maybe science fiction mastodon.cc/media/m3Jz0HVHNoew

Next belated, 3 days past, theme was 'Zero' for

How about a stylized Chinese logogram.

pencil sketch, inked with a fine tip sharpie

and then a little tom foolery in gimp mastodon.cc/media/ADPkT7TZw_A-

four days behind with the

theme "The Storm"!

Friday night, mid night start and went for a sketch study of a painting by the same name - took only a few minutes before I realized I should start over.

what the heck though might as well put about the same time playing a web camera picture of the sketch pad inside of gimp.. a little color air brush and 'stuff'.. mastodon.cc/media/aen81Fdq7Uso mastodon.cc/media/muMEyd5iIo-f

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