Study Special - Week 2
Bounding along a self guided path.
Ready - Fire - Aim

OK - 9 reference images I'm using for the study

1st week looked at an image and tried to sketch what I saw (9" x 12" pad) - 1 quick take each I needed to work on just getting stuff into the sketch space.

so - Week 2, de-construct, use stick figures only - get all figures into the scene

This week...
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Sketching Study - Week 2

Ready - Fire - Aim
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This last week, along with sketching, went through the following tutorial videos:

Drawing Fundamentals: CONSTRUCTION

How to Draw Gesture

How to Draw the Head from Any Angle

PAINT LIKE DEGAS. A tutorial by artist Damian Callan

I'll guess I'll see what if any of that rubbed off later today when I get the sketch pad out and start on week 3.

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