Study Special - Week 1 (dancers)

Started as "I plan to study bodies in motion by sketching dancing and dancers for a week or so." and this is how that has gone so far.

Includes one day 7 sketch UR

hmm - one problem I had all week long is getting the sketch into the frame.. there was supposed to be hands and feet and whole people in those sketches - by I drew what I drew way to big..I'm tempted to run the same cycle anew, IDK yet.

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@DrewJensen do you make a construction first? This way its easier to layout your drawing and you don't get into space trouble :D
But nice work so far!

"construction first?", no I did not.

Made a couple of aspect lines on about half of them and that was it - then off to the races drawing the subjects.

Thanks, I think I have a plan for the this week, and it will include cycling back through the same subject images.

@DrewJensen maybe you might find this helpful?

I used this a lot :D
The whole series is great but I also mean especially this and the followup video are a nice introduction to construction :D


Thanks again.

Well, I revisited one of the paintings from day 1 and came up with this

it certainly allowed me to get more of the figures into the frame.

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